Decking Services

Installation Service

Our professionally installed decking structures are educated, fit for purpose and constructed by specialist carpenters. All of our staff are, experienced, insured and well managed. Our installations are for domestic and commercial use and always conform to current building regulations and EC5 Regulations Promulgated by TRADA, The Timber Research and Development Association and, of which, we are full members.

We are experts in the installation of Exterpark and Hardwood Decking and Registered “Pro-Installers” for Millboard Composite Decking.

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If you have a design and require a quotation for installation contact us here or call +44 (0)1494 711800
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Commercial Decking
Commercial Decking

We have a portfolio of commercial decking installations from restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools and nursing homes. There are two main routes to using our services for commercial projects

  1. Simply Email us the Q55 package with associated drawings and schedule of works, we can then provide a subject to site survey quotation.
  2. Request a site meeting with a view to instruct us to act as main contractor for your project. We can swiftly manage your project from concept and planning to design and installation.

For all your Commercial Decking enquiries contact us here or call +44 (0)1494 711800
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Professional Design Service

We offer the full professional design service for all decking structures. Correct Decking Structural Design is important, so at Exterior Decking we care greatly that your project is a success.

We have the expertise to carry out accurate topographic surveys of sites and produce detailed engineering CAD drawings that are appropriately detailed and laid out for construction purposes. Our Engineering design capabilities are for domestic and commercial decking installations.

Our designs are to EC5 deck, beam and joist span calculations. Our design drawings are presented to British Standard (BS 8888) and are backed by our Professional Indemnity Insurance

To commission us to design your deck contact us here or call +44 (0)1494 711800
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Complete Decking Materials Supply

We supply most decking materials to commercial and domestic sites on time and within a wide range of budgets.  We offer advice to match the correct decking materials to each project depending on the desired budget, longevity and finished aesthetic required.

There is a massive choice out there and we have the right professional experience to save you time and money by getting it right first time. For materials only, simply ask for a quote, we normally provide this the same day.

Exterpark and Standard Hardwood, Millboard Composite, Structure, Pedestals, Fixings and Oil

If you need a quote or decking materials advice contact us here or call +44 (0)1494 711800
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Case Studies

Use our expertise

Plan what you need.

Most successful things start from a great plan, Decking projects are no different, we'll help you get a plan together for your decking project large or small, we'll help make sure you have the right product for the job and ensure order quantities & delivery dates don't hold up your completion dates.

Develop your project.

Once you have a workable project plan we'll work with you to develop this by going over sample decking options and possible supply dates, from here we can start to price your particular project and aim for any budget requirements you have.

Good design is important.

Your decking project may be a part of a larger garden or building design, if you wish we can work directly with your design team or Architect to fulfil your requirements, or if required we can supply the whole design process for you.

Plan Plan
Develop Develop
Design Design