EcoDek Composite Decking

EcoDek is a ground breaking eco composite decking alternative to timber decking made from recycled materials. Manufactured in Wrexham in North Wales, it is highly sustainable, low maintenance and robust.

EcoDek is a high quality, low impact composite wood made of a blend of approximately 55% PEFC and FSC certified reclaimed beech wood fibres and 45% high-density polyethylene recycled plastic milk bottles (HDPE).

EcoDek boards are solid in cross-section and so do not have a weak open core structure. The decision to create boards in this way offer such high quality that EcoDek has a 25 year warranty against structural failure.

The manufacturing process of EcoDek is a carbon negative process. Meaning that they are actually removing more Carbon CO2 from the atmosphere than they are creating. The Foresty Commision says that the average tree locks up 2kg of CO2 every year - the EcoDek manufacturing process locks up the same amount of carbon as 300,000 trees every year! This has been independently verified and shows their ethos of pursuing the ultimate in sustainability.

Using only beech hardwood fibres creates the best aesthetic and physical properties as possible. This means that it is also fully recyclable - they turn 100% of any returned materials back into new composite boards.

This unique eco decking is perfect for both commercial and residential applications. Please feel free to contact us with any queries you may have.