Hardwood Cladding

Exterpark brand cladding gives with the looks and comfort of an indoor hardwood floor and can be used as both decking and cladding.

Exterpark hardwood decking boards are suitable for use as both decking and external cladding, with a range of profiles available and with our invisible fixing system, you are able to get a seamless, luxurious look which brings the inside out.

Our Exterpark hardwood and composite ranges can be used as cladding boards. For more information or assistance in choosing wood species, profile and fixings please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Exterpark Invisible Fixing System

A cornerstone of the Exterpark exclusive hidden and invisible fastening system which consists of a stainless steel profile in the shape of an omega which has the function of the classic dovetail joint by inserting it’s wings into the lateral grooves of the wooden slats. These are then fixed to the joists by means of the PM Clip. The PM Clip performs the dual function of both fixing the hardwood boards in place and maintaining a perfectly gauged separation between slats. Both the PM Clips and screws are made from Stainless Steel. This material guarantees the fixture’s durability as well as preventing rust.

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